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Top Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

(Note - You may not know how to do some of these things... but we can help you do them!)

1. Upgrade to a solid state drive. Ditch your hard drive and replace it with an SSD. It can make your sluggish old machine seem like brand new!

2. Add more RAM. Extra memory will always boost performance.

3. Stop programs from automatically starting when you turn on your computer.

4. Delete/uninstall programs you don’t use. Even new computers have 'bloatware' - these are unwanted programs you can do without.


5. Clean up your hard disk .Run Windows built-in program or use a third-party application.

6. Move pictures or videos to the cloud or an external drive. If you have thousands of photos and hours of video this will take up a lot of storage and slow your machine down.


7. Run a disk repair. You can use the command 'sfc /scannow' to replace any corrupted files within the Windows operating system.


8. Change the power plan to High Performance in Windows settings.


9. Run a disk defrag to optimize your hard drive. Computers are meant to be logical, but they do not store things in the optimum way. 'Defragging' helps them do this.

10.Update your software. Running ancient applications can slow down the computer and may represent a risk for its security.

(There is some debate about the order of these but there is no doubt they have a positive effect - especially options 1 and 2).

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