Vital Additions to Lessons

Our lessons are tailored to every student’s needs.  Each lesson is designed to add to your existing knowledge and build confidence with your computer. 

Our instruction sheets are highly-praised by our students who tell us they simply cannot find anything like them elsewhere. They are designed so that even if you forget how you have done something in a lesson you will be able to do it again easily by following the guide we give you. This enables you to practice things in your own time almost as if your tutor is sitting with you. 

You will notice that every step of each process is illustrated. There are no missing clicks, and no assumptions made that you know what to do. Just follow the steps to complete the task. 

Here are some examples...

Example A - Connecting to a Remote Lesson with Zoho Assist

Example B - Video Calling with Zoom

We have a huge variety of notes covering an enormous range of situations, ready to print off for you. If, however, you need a personalised note created for a particular task then we draw one up you.