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The Best Instructions Available - Anywhere!

With over 20 years of experience designing instruction sheets for people from 8 to 98, we believed we have perfected the art. 

Our clients love the printed guides we give them because, in the words of many, they are 'bullet-proof'. 

They leave nothing to chance. Every step is explained, step by step, and most importantly, clearly illustrated, showing you exactly what to click each time. 

No more scratching your head, wondering where on earth that elusive toolbar, widget or icon looks like. A red arrow points to a picture of exactly what it looks like and where it is on the screen. 

We have designed these sheets meticulously, so that if you forget how to do something - it really doesn't matter! Just pick up the sheet, and everything you need to perform a task is laid out for you on the page.

If you ae someone who finds using a computer a but of a stressful experience, then here is the cure for all those frustrations. They make using a computer a much more enjoyable experience. The pressure is off. It's like having a tutor at your side, telling you exactly what to do. 

Give it go! Click BUT NOW to download one of our instruction sheets for just £1, entitled 'How to Connect to Wifi'. 

Sample Lesson: Sample Lesson


How to Connect Windows to Wifi

This sheet shows you, step-by-step, how to connect a Windows computer to a Wifi network.

Sample Lesson: HTML Embed
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