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Senior Man

“I would recommend T4C to anyone needing any kind of computer help. They started by sorting out my printing problem, but then I thought perhaps I would try a lesson or two. I'm so glad I did!

The notes I have been given are absolutely first class. I have never seen such transparent and easy-to-follow instructions. Every step of each process is clearly illustrated. If I forget how to do something, it really is not a problem. I pick up the sheet and I can do what I need to do simply by following the steps one-by-one. They really are brilliant!”

Mr A.  Ringwood, Hants

Happy Senior Woman

"I cannot fault the help I have been given by Tutors 4 Computers. There really is no such thing as stupid question. They are so patient and understanding during the lessons. They have built my confidence when using the computer enormously.  I've also found the online tutorials very easy to use.

One amazing thing is they have got me Skyping my family, who I haven't been able to see of late due to Covid-19. It has been marvellous to talk to them face-to-face. I cannot thank my tutor enough." 

Mrs S. Salisbury, Wilts

Mature Businessman

"I know I should have embraced computers a long time ago, but as I didn't need to use them in my job I never really bothered. I'm a self-employed builder. My wife used to do all the letters, invoices and so on for me. T4C has demystified so much of it.

I really don't know what I was scared of! I've improved so much! They can do all sorts of other things - not just tuition. We could never have installed Word or Excel by ourselves, but they did all this for us remotely. I recommend them to anyone."

Mr B. Teddington

Testimonial - Denise Wilson.jpg

"Learning with Tutors 4 Computers has benefitted me enormously. I have become much more confident and can now tackle things I would never have dreamed I could do before - especially when armed with their marvellous instruction sheets.

I was surprised how easy it was to learn via the web and have a friendly tutor give me all the help I need - just like he was sitting here next to me. 

Tutors 4 Computers provides excellent tuition. I would highly recommend them to anyone like me -someone who lacked confidence with I.T. and needed an expert, but understanding teacher to help."

Denise W. Bournemouth

Middle Aged Woman

"I needed help with configuring my computer and printer. I couldn't get someone to come in and do it due to the current pandemic. I must admit I was sceptical - how could this be done without them even being here? 

If you are thinking the same, don't hesitate. There is nothing to it. They can 'hook up' to your machine and sort out anything you need whilst chatting through things on the telephone. It worked a treat for me when I was really stuck."

Sandra J. Poole, Dorset.

old couple

"I am waiting for two hip replacements on the NHS. I needed to apply for a blue badge for parking my car as I cannot walk any distance.  There didn't seem to be any way to do this other than online, which was a total mystery to me. I asked T4C if they could help. My tutor sorted it all out for me remotely.

It has been a huge benefit for me and wife. For instance, we were able to book a particular hotel for our recent holiday only because we had the blue badge. It was right on the seafront in Sandown on the Isle of Wight. As parking was so tight we would not have able to stay there without the badge. Thanks so much, Tutors 4 Computers!"

Mr and Mrs W. Ferndown, Dorset

Portrait of Senior Woman

"I am self-employed, and when the coronavirus struck I lost lots of clients. Not being computer-savvy, I tried to apply for the government's help scheme online but got into an awful muddle. In the end I was actually in tears with frustration. 

It was so important, I had to do it somehow. That's where T4C were absolutely marvellous! They went through the whole thing with me online. Not long after, I received  payment for thousands of pounds of lost business. 

I cannot express how glad I am that I found Tutors 4 Computers. I now recommend them to everyone I know." 

Mrs B. Downton, Wiltshire

Old Lady

"I first heard of Tutors 4 Computers through a neighbour who recommended them personally. I have been having lessons ever since 2012 with my tutor. I could not have wished for a better tutor, who has been so patient and given me very helpful instruction sheets.

Thankfully, lessons have continued during lockdown remotely. Without these, I would not have been able to continue using my laptop as I do. Their service has enabled me to keep in touch with valuable contacts in a manner that would not have been possible otherwise."

Miss M. Salisbury, Wiltshire

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