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What You May Like to Know


What subjects do you cover? 

We cover a wide range of subjects. Many of our customers simply want to get to grips with the basics of how to use their computer. In this case, if necessary, we start right at the beginning - when to left click; when to right click; when to do a double-click. (Something so simple, but a lot of beginners are not aware and no-one actually explains it to them!)

Of course, not everyone is an absolute beginner, so once we have gauged where you are we will start from there. Do remember, however, with Tutors 4 Computers there is no such thing as a stupid question. Unlike so many people involved with computing, we totally understand what it is like to be new to it and make no assumptions about what you may or may not know. 

We can cover internet use, email, word processing (writing letters etc), file and folder management,  spreadsheets, digital photography, entertainment... The list is extensive. You can click here to see in more detail.

Do you help with Apple devices? 

Yes. The majority of our work is with Windows computers, but we often deal with iPads and iPhones and we can help with Apple laptops and desktop computers.

How about Android? 

We cover these too. Many people use Android mobiles and tablets. Our service is available to help with these in much the same way as laptops etc. 

Do you cover more advanced material? 

Yes. We are not able to teach you niche things like programming in Python or technician-level Excel procedures for accountants. That is not what Tutors 4 Computers is for. We will, however,  help you master the important skills you need in order to be confident using your computer in great range of other ways.

The bulk of our work is helping those new to computing, but we can help people who are more advanced if there are particular areas where they feel they need it. In this case, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Maybe you need to learn something a little more in-depth for work, or you have a hobby or pastime that is aided by using a the computer. Let us know and the chances are we can help.  

Can you help with family history? 

This is an ever-popular request, and something we can also give you a hand with. We subscribe to and therefore have access to all the relevant records. We can teach you how to use this site, or alternatively we can conduct the research for you. All you need is a rough idea of a relative's details to get started. 


How  is an online lesson started? 

Lessons start by your tutor calling you on your landline or mobile phone - so we pay for the call. He or she will then ask you to visit our remote access service online and initiate a connection.

They will talk you through this step-by-step. It is a very simple process involving  just a few clicks on your screen. It should only take a few minutes to do this. 

Will I be able to see my tutor 'live'?

If you would like to talk to your tutor 'face-to-face' then they can set up a video link on your computer so you can do this using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. You do not need to be familiar with how to use the program yourself. 

What happens during the lesson? 

With or without the video link, your tutor will be able to talk you through everything you need to know. You will see each task demonstrated on your machine, and you will be able to copy this and practice as much as you want during the lesson. 

What about instruction sheets?

In order for you to practice the new skills in your own time you can ask the tutor to print off one of our detailed instruction sheets.

Every click you need to do will be illustrated, so even if you forget what you have been shown in the lesson it will be easy for you to repeat the process in your own time. If we do not have a sheet already then the tutor can create one for you during the lesson. 

Do I have to follow a course? 

No. We teach you what you want to learn. We can create a program tailored for you to cover the aspects you wish to, but there are no tests or exams and no prescribed course. 


Are home visits available? 

No. Like many businesses, since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Tutors 4 Computers have had to evalute our practices. Until recently, nearly all our lessons were conducted at our clients' homes.

The coronavirus emergency meant all our existing customers had to be transferred to an online basis. This was so successful that we took the decision to conduct all our lessons remotely. 

Many of our customers are senior citizens, some of whom are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. We do not feel it would be right for us to conduct one-to-one lessons in clients' homes until such time as it is entirely safe to do so.

Are online lessons as useful as home visits? 

Yes. We can do almost everything that we would do during a home visit when conducting an online lesson. Since your tutor can see your screen and operate it just like they are sitting with you there really is no need for them to visit your home.

Admittedly, it is not possible for us to install ink in your printer for you, or connect a wire to your router.  We can, however, give you very precise instructions over the phone and in some cases use a video link to help with these tasks.

There are also some older Apple devices which make it difficult to connect remotely.

We have found, however, that the number of occasions when it is necessary to perform a physical task that makes it essential that a tutor is present with you is very limited.


Is a remote connection secure? 

Yes. The connection to your computer is secure. All sessions use the same security standard as that of online banking and payment transactions.

These are referred to as  Industry Standard Security using SSL/256-bit AES encryption protocols. 

Could the tutor access my computer after the lesson? 

No. A tutor can only access your computer once you have given express permission on your screen for them to do so. At the beginning of each session they will give you a ten digit code that must be used to make the connection.

The code changes every time a new session is started, so it would not be possible for a tutor to 'revisit' your computer without your permission.

In addition to this, the connection to your computer can only be achieved once you have typed this in yourself and clicked several times after that to confirm you want to go ahead. 


Can you really perform troubleshooting, maintenance and installations remotely?

Certainly. Remote access software is commonly used by I.T. technicians to work on computers anywhere in the world, irrespective of where they are based.

The internet allows us to install new programs -  for instance you may need to update or install an antivirus  suite.

We can also perform a variety of maintenance procedures that may fix problems or generally improve the performance of a machine. We can guide you through setting up your computer in the first place. 

We can even help you persuade that stubborn printer to actually print!


Can you advise me on what to buy? 

Yes. Many people are mystified when it comes to buying a computer. There is a lot of terminology and techno-speak that salespeople use which can be a minefield for the buyer.

Many years ago there was TV comedy sketch by the 'Not the Nine O'clock News' team which springs to mind! The experience doesn't have to be like this. You can contact us to demystify all of this for you and point you in the right direction. Our advice can also save you a lot of money. 



Tutors 4 Computers was established in 2005 and the founder has 25 years' experience in training people of all ages and backgrounds in I.T. All our tutors are recruited on the basis of their knowledge, but above all their ability to teach to our standards.

As a result, a T4C tutor has an extremely effective style of teaching that makes a real difference to our customers. We know all the common pitfalls that other training services do not seem to be fully cognisant of. 


This experience has given us great insight into the needs of our students. It means we will not rush through something and expect you to pick it up just like that.

We will go over things as slowly as required. If you need to spend more time practicing something in a lesson, then so be it! 

In addition, we understand the importance of giving you first-class, easy-to-follow, printed instructions. Again, so many tutors ask clients to rely on memory or scribbled notes. This does not equip you well to practice in your own time. 

Ease of Use

Our service is very flexible. You do not have to sign up to a course, and you can 'dip in and out' when you choose. There is no commitment required. 

No Travel 

Your tuition takes place on your computer at home. No need to travel to a community centre or library for instance. 

Personalised Tuition 

It is you who decides what you are to learn. Of course, sometimes there may be necessary steps along the way to achieving a goal that you may not be aware of. We will advise you if this is the case. 

At the end of the day, however, you determine what we will be teaching you. This is not the case if you are attending a computer course, when the structure is predetermined. 

No 'Classroom Environment' 

Many clients report that attending computer courses made them feel like 'being back at school'. This was not at all what they wanted! 

With T4C you have a friendly tutor who will make lessons enjoyable. You should never be made to feel inadequate or stressed. Our feeling is that is completely understandable if you do not know something about computers.

There will be many things that you could teach your tutor about with regard to other aspects of life. Some of these may well be of much greater value, so do not be self-critical.


Our methods work! We have taught hundreds of people over these fifteen years. Many have started out as as total beginners. Some have been 'terrified' of computers. Tutors 4 Computers' growth has been driven hugely by word-of-mouth - many satisfied customers referring other people to us. So many clients providing testimonials for us speaks for itself. You can see some of these by clicking here

Safety (Covid-friendly) 

We are acutely aware that many of our clients are vulnerable to coronavirus. That is why we took the decision to move our lessons online.

Sitting in close proximity to you for an hour or more working on the same computer means it would be so easy for a tutor to pass the virus to you totally unaware that they had done so.

Remote lessons, of course, mean there are no worries in this regard at all. 

The safety of our customers will always be paramount to us. 


You can call us on 08000 757560 to arrange lessons, or you can book online. Click here to go to the booking page. 


We can accept payment by card over the telephone, or you can pay on this website. 

Click here if you need pay for lessons now. 

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